Profile: Polk Audio Speakers

Polk Audio has been a leading name in home and automobile audio systems since the 1970s, when the company was founded by college friends Matthew Polk, George Klopfer and Sandy Gross. Since its beginnings, the company has primarily focused on providing premium home audio sound systems and made its breakthrough success with the 1974 release of the Monitor 7 system. Ever since, Polk home audio has enjoyed a widespread following, and Polk speakers have been acclaimed even by the most discerning audiophiles for the quality of their sound output.

Popular Polk Home Audio Products

Some of the most popular offerings in the company's current lineup include:

  • Polk Audio LSiM series. The Polk Audio LSiM series is the company's flagship line of home audio products. First introduced in 2001, the LSiM series has gone on the become synonymous with the company name, and it includes a comprehensive selection of speakers and transducers which benefit from precision technologies. Thanks to comprehensive research and a culture of innovation, Polk Audio has succeeded in making the LSiM series one of the very best speaker lines on the market.
  • Polk Audio RTiA series. While the LSiM products were primarily designed for use with audio systems, the RTiA series market Polk Audio's entry into the home theater market. Offering systems ranging from expansive 5.1 surround sound to full 7.1 surround sound and beyond, the RTiA series continues the company's legacy of excellence. If you want to enhance your home theater's sound quality, the Polk Audio RTiA series has many products that will be of interest.
  • Polk Audio TSx series. The TSx series is an updating of the company's popular TSi home theater speaker line, first introduced in 2008. The Polk Audio TSx series delivers even better home theater sound, using the company's most advanced technologies to provide an unparalleled entertainment experience. The major offering in the TSx series is the Polk Audio TSx 550T, a tower speaker powered by impressive technical specs that is available for a very reasonable price considering the quality.

These product lines deliver excellent value and premium-quality sound. If you're serious about enjoying the best possible home listening experience, Polk Audio's products are well worth careful consideration.