Profile: Onkyo Speakers

The inside scoop on Onkyo home theater systems

Onkyo is a Japanese consumer electronics company which was founded in 1946. The word "onkyo" translates from Japanese to English as "sound harmony," and that's an apt way to describe the effect of the company's home theater systems. Onkyo has zeroed in on the home theater market, specializing in the engineering and production of speakers and audio equipment the company describes as "home cinema" components.

Indeed, Onkyo home theater systems offer a compelling reproduction of cinematic-style sound. Thanks to ongoing research initiatives which rank among the most comprehensive in the industry, Onkyo has carved out a market niche that few competitors can challenge. The company's flagship product line is the Onkyo SKS series of home theater audio equipment.

The Onkyo SKS Series

Products in the Onkyo SKS series are available individually, or as part of 5.1 surround sound and 7.1 surround sound preassembled packages. All surround sound packages include main speakers, rear supplemental surround speakers, and a subwoofer. Though the Onky SKS series technical specifications are impressive from start to finish, the speakers in this product line are especially noteworthy for their outstanding signal-to-noise ratio, which effectively eliminates dead noise and white noise from soundtracks and delivers crisp, clean, powerful sound.

From a consumer research standpoint, the Onkyo SKS series may be one of the best buys on the home theater market. The company's home theater systems deliver superb sound for a very reasonable price, offering outstanding value for a modest investment. Onkyo's home theater audio equipment is also praised for its intelligent design, compact size and ease of use. If you're new to the world of premium home theater audio, the Onkyo SKS series is perhaps the best entry-level choice you can make.

Consumer reviews praise Onkyo's speakers as delivering outstanding quality, with brilliant high tones and deep, rich bass tones. In almost all cases, consumers noted an immediate and dramatic improvement in system sound quality when they upgraded to Onkyo speakers, and a large percentage of respondents indicated that they would happily recommend Onkyo's products to others. It is this extremely high level of customer satisfaction that fuels the company's commitment to innovation.