Profile: Bose Speakers

Information on Bose speakers for home theaters

Bose is Massachusetts-based manufacturer of audio equipment, including speakers, noise canceling headphones, and sound systems for vehicles. Bose TV speakers and Bose home theater speakers are known for their quality, and while you can expect the company's products to be priced in the premium range, they consistently rank among the very best on the market and boast very high levels of customer satisfaction.

Bose Live Sound Technology

One of the company's trademarks is its Live Sound technology, which is not limited to a particular product, but is instead used in a wide range of headphones and speakers produced by the company. Bose Live Sound technology is intended to reproduce digital audio with enhanced clarity and definition. Speakers with Bose Live Sound technology tend to produce more nuance and richness across all frequency ranges, and are especially recommended for music lovers who are serious about getting the best possible experience. You can get Bose Live Sound speakers for use with a wide range of primary devices, including stereos and television sets.

Popular Bose Systems

Here's a closer look at two of Bose's most popular speaker systems and product series:

  • Bose CineMate series. These surround sound systems are specially designed to provide users with a genuine in-home cinematic experience. Available in numerous configurations, the Bose CineMate series is known for its simple setup and ease of use, and for providing movie theater-quality sound.
  • Bose Acoustimass systems. The Acoustimass product line consists of a wide range of speakers and speaker collections which are specially designed to deliver powerful sound from a small package. If you need high-quality speakers and space is at a premium, the Acoustimass product line is well worth your consideration.

The company also produces a wide range of products for specialized and niche applications, so if you have a highly specific need, chances are the company has a speaker or sound system that's designed to meet it.

If you're willing to pay for premium sound, millions of satisfied customers would agree: you can't go wrong with Bose. The company has been around since 1964, and is a landmark brand name in the world of home and automobile audio.