Advantages of Wireless Speakers

Why choose wireless when it comes to speakers?

With the advent of Bluetooth wireless technology, wireless speakers are becoming the norm in the world of home audio, and wired speakers are slowly becoming less and less common. However, you may have heard some purists bemoaning the demise of wired speakers and you might be wondering about the relative sound quality of wireless speakers. Is there a difference? What are the benefits of choosing wireless home speakers?

The Difference Between Wired and Wireless Home Audio

The general consensus seems to be that there is some trade-off to be made if you want to go with a wireless system. Wireless home speakers essentially work by streaming audio by picking up a signal coming from your entertainment system. Unless you take specific steps, your wireless system may suffer from high signal-to-noise ratios and have problems when faced with analog inputs.

To overcome these issues, make sure your wireless home theater systems have quality amplifiers, since the speakers rely on built-in amplifiers for sound power. Second, look for speakers with quality built-in analog-digital converters, as these will eliminate some of the problems wireless systems have with signal-to-noise ratios.

Advantages of Wireless Home Theater Systems

If you choose wireless speakers with higher-end amplifiers and quality analog-digital converters, you'll eliminate many of the drawbacks associated with wireless systems while maintaining all of the benefits. The advantages you'll enjoy include:

  • Cost savings. Wireless systems tend to be less expensive than their wired counterparts.
  • Ease of setup. Wireless home theater systems are much easier to set up and use than wired systems, since you don't have to worry about keeping track of every individual wired connection you make.
  • Flexibility. Because you're not encumbered by wires, you are free to place the speakers exactly where you want them, so long as they remain within range of the source signal. This is an especially useful feature when configuring wireless surround sound systems at home.

Most manufacturers of premium-quality home audio systems have at least some wireless options in their product lines. If you want the reliability and proven performance of a trusted brand name and all the conveniences of wireless speakers, research the wireless home audio products offered by manufacturers you know and trust.

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