Will 3D TV Catch On?

Is 3D TV here to stay?

The recent resurgence in 3D movies has led to the development of 3D TV technology, but a lot of people are wondering whether it's just a gimmick or a passing fad, or whether it's here to stay. While it's true that only time will tell, there are several key indicators which seem to suggest that 3D TV could gain a permanent foothold.

First, what is 3D TV? A 3D TV is a television set which creates an effective illusion of image depth, typically by using one of two technologies: active shutter or polarized systems. An active shutter system alternates between left-eye and right-eye views of an image, but shuttles between the two so rapidly that it generates a three-dimensional effect. Polarized systems require the use of polarization glasses to generate the illusion of the depth dimension. Both plasma 3D TVs and LED 3D TVs are available to consumers.

The Future of 3D TV: Is It Here to Stay?

Many industry insiders believe that the future of 3D TV depends heavily on the ability of manufacturers to make their systems affordable enough that they will appeal to the average consumer. Right now, both active shutter and polarized 3D televisions are relatively expensive, compared to conventional models, which tends to make the majority of consumers retreat to more familiar (and more affordable) ground. However, 3D TVs do offer considerable flexibility, as the vast majority of 3D TV sets on the market can also toggle between 2D and 3D modes, allowing the viewer to watch 3D content in regular 2D if they prefer to do so. Thus, they offer versatility to make up for the higher up-front cost, which has allowed them to make some inroads in the market.

The future of 3D TV is also dependent on studios and television production companies. In essence, television producers must also commit to creating content which is meant to be viewed in 3D, and this comes at significantly increased production costs. However, as digital TV production technologies continue to become more affordable, the entertainment industry may eventually move towards the standardization of 3D content production.

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