Why Choose a Home Theater Projector

The benefits of home cinema projectors

If you're looking to recreate a genuine cinematic experience in your own home, HD projectors are the best choice you can make. Home cinema projectors tend to cost about the same as a high-end LED television, yet create much larger images than even the biggest TVs on the market. You also have some flexibility in terms of system setup; you can opt to use a projector screen, or project images directly onto your wall if it's plain white and large enough.

Advantages of Home Cinema Projectors

There are things you can do with home cinema projectors that you simply can't do with a television. First, you can create an authentic movie theater experience, complete with life-sized projections of your favorite movies and television shows. You can also set up your projector to be compatible with your digital cable TV provider, so you can watch television as usual on the big screen. This is especially appealing to sports fans, who can enjoy larger-than-life action that's the next best thing to being there.

Also, a quality projector will last for years with no breakdowns or mechanical issues. Projectors have few working parts compared to TV sets, so they're not as prone to mechanical failures and you'll never have to worry about burned-out pixels affecting your picture quality. While home cinema projectors suffered from resolution issues in their early years, 1080p projectors have largely solved that problem, providing sharp images even when projected at maximum size.

Drawbacks to Consider

In addition to their considerable up-front cost, there are some drawbacks to consider if you're thinking about adding a home projector. First, you will require a separate sound system, and if you really want to replicate the cinematic experience, a pricey surround sound setup is the only way to go. The actual setup of the system is also far more complex than what you'd face if you bought a regular television, and you may require (and have to pay for) professional assistance, depending on where you buy your projector. Some vendors offer setup assistance, while others -- particularly online vendors -- will not.

Projector bulbs last for a long time, but when they die, they are expensive to replace. A typical projector bulb costs several hundred dollars, which is more than you'd pay for a pretty good television.

However, if you're intent on enjoying the best possible home entertainment experience, a home cinema projector simply can't be beat.

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