What TV Value Brand is Best?

A closer look at TV value brands

Among TV value brands, Apex, Vizio and Element are the leading names. You'll see these brands prominently featured in Target TV sales and Walmart TV sales all year round, but which of them offers the best balance of performance and price?

All three companies have gone to great lengths to position themselves in the value electronics market, and based purely on sales, Vizio would seem to have an edge on the others. Based on consumer reviews, here's a closer look at what you can expect from each:

  • Apex. The company offers 720p and 1080p HD televisions, and has fared well with consumers who are primarily interested in good picture quality. While the overall picture quality is good, there have been numerous complaints about pixels burning out, sometimes after only a few days of operation. The company's warranties are fairly limited, and though Apex TVs have good picture quality, performance and reliability seem to be somewhat problematic.
  • Vizio. Founded in 2002, this American-based television manufacturer has focused its efforts on the LCD market, to great success. It quickly became one of the top-selling TV brands in North America, and offers an excellent balance of performance and price. Overall, reviews of Vizio TVs are very good; of the value brands, they are the most comparable to the premium TV manufacturers of Japan and South Korea.
  • Element. While Element TVs are available at very low prices, sound quality is relatively mediocre and a sizeable number of consumers report significant functionality issues. In some cases, reliability seems to be an issue, especially with discerning consumers who demand high levels of performance from their electronics. However, if you're a casual TV watcher and you're looking for a decent TV set for a low price, Element should have some appeal to you.

Based on a combination of performance and price, the consensus seems to point to Vizio as the leading manufacturer of value televisions. However, it is worth noting that their products tend to be priced higher than both Apex and Element televisions, so if price is your primary concern, Apex is probably your best bet.

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