Top Home Theater Projector Brands

Leading names in home theater projectors

If you're serious about creating a genuine home theater experience, a projector system is the best way to go. You can use a home theater projector to create a larger-than-life viewing experience, by projecting your favorite movies, TV shows and programs onto a projector screen or directly onto a white wall. However, not all projectors are made equal, and the quality of your experience depends heavily on the projector you choose.

Leading Brand Names in Home Projectors

If you're researching the top home theater projector brands, take a closer look at the various models offered by the following manufacturers:

  • BenQ projectors. BenQ is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of communications devices and consumer electronics. The company offers a wide range of home theater projectors systems, including multimedia projectors and cutting-edge HD systems that deliver a sharp, clear and realistic picture no matter how large a screen size you choose.
  • Optoma projectors. Optoma is a leading supplier of projectors and enjoys a very strong market share in North and South America. A range of home theater projectors are available, including standard DLP models as well as projectors capable of replicating 3D technologies.
  • Epson Home Cinema. Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation is one of the world's largest producers of imaging communications equipment, and the company's offerings include a comprehensive line of home theater projector systems. The Epson PowerLite is one of their best-selling items, providing excellent picture quality, long life, and stalwart reliability.
  • Panasonic projectors. If you prefer to source your projector from a familiar name, Panasonic makes an excellent choice. Well-known for providing comprehensive warranties and excellent customer service, Panasonic offers numerous home theater full-HD projectors to consumers looking for an enhanced viewing experience.

In terms of costs, entry-level home theater projectors usually start around $500 for a basic model. Full-HD projectors typically cost upwards of $1,000, and if you want to take advantage of 3D home projecting technology, you should be prepared to spend $1,500 or more. These are ballpark figures, as actual unit prices vary from vendor to vendor, but the same general rule of thumb that applies to television sets also applies to projectors: the more bells and whistles you want, and the more current the technology, the greater the price.

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