Profile: Vizio TVs

Inside the Vizio E, M, and VP series

Vizio is a relative newcomer in the world of consumer electronics, but the company has quickly carved out a niche as a value brand. The American company was founded in 2002, and while it produces a wide range of electronics and accessories, televisions are its bread and butter. It focuses specifically on LCD models, and is one of the top-selling television brands in North America. The Vizio E series, Vizio M series, and Vizio VP series are the three top-selling product lines in its television lineup.

A Closer Look at Vizio TVs

Here's what to expect from each of the company's three primary TV lines:

  • Vizio E series. The E series of smart TVs offer full Internet connectivity and a comprehensive range of convenience features that deliver a streamlined viewing experience. A range of sizes and models are available in the E series, from the entry-level 50-inch E500I-A1 to the premium E701I-A3. The higher-end E series models offer theater 3D, if you're looking to get on the 3D TV bandwagon for a relatively low price.
  • Vizio M series. The company's popular M series of smart TVs are very affordably priced, with models starting around $400. Because of its affordable price point and enhanced functionality, major distributors were all over the M series when it was first announced, to the great benefit of consumers looking to cash in on the competitive marketplace for these models.
  • Vizio VP series. The VP series is the company's value line, which is extremely attractive to shoppers looking to save money on a new television. These plasma models are available in numerous sizes starting as small as 32 inches, with 720p resolution. The Vizio VP series is known as a solid performer for a low price, and should be a very attractive option for buyers on the budget end of the market.

Vizio has also shown a propensity for making major improvements in its lineup from one model year to the next, so if you really want to get a great deal, you can buy last year's high-end model and enjoy an excellent television for a very low price.