Profile: Sony TVs

Get to know Sony's television lineup

Founded in 1946, Sony is one of the world's best-known manufacturers of electronics and consumer products. Its flagship line of televisions is marketed under the Bravia brand name, and includes a broad range of plasma, LCD and LED-backlit models across a range of price points. The company is primarly known for quality, and while Sony's televisions are typically priced slightly higher than comparable competitors' models, these television offer excellent value and have strong appeal to consumers looking for premium brands that outperform the competition.

Popular Models in the Sony Bravia Lineup

Currently, the Bravia televisions dominate Sony's product lineup. The best-selling models in the Sony Bravia lineup include:

  • Sony Bravia HX950 series. The HX950 series is Sony's premium Bravia television, known for its brilliant and sharp picture. These LED TVs are widely said to have the best picture on the market, so if you're willing to pay a little more for outstanding image quality, you'll find lots to like about the HX950 series. Beyond outstanding picture quality, the Sony Bravia HX950 series televisions also offer an ultra-thin and lightweight design, state-of-the-art motion detail technology, and outstanding contrast and color representation. Sony says the Bravia HX950 series has its "best picture ever," and the oodles of positive consumer reviews these TVs have generated would seem to back up that statement.
  • Sony Bravia W802 series. These LED smart TVs are available in various sizes and offer excellent picture quality along with easy-to-use connectivity features. The W802 lineup includes 3D models, if you're interested in taking part in the trend towards 3D television. Other features of the Sony Bravia W802 series televisions include dynamic edge LED backlighting, S-force surround sound capabilities, smartphone and peripheral connectivity, and MotionFlow XR 480 technology that renders even very fast movement with precision and clarity. You can also hook up these televisions to your tablet computer or smartphone, which allows you to dispense with the remote control for good.
  • Sony Bravia R550 series. Available in a range of sizes, the R550 series is priced at the higher end of the Bravia range, but offers all the bells and whistles a discerning consumer would want. The Sony Bravia R550 series is particularly renowned for its outstanding contrast ratio, and the brilliance with which it renders color. Its thin design is supported by energy-saving and picture quality-boosting LED backlighting, and it also offers full Internet connectivity so you can quickly and easily access online content and user-generated content stored on your choice of compatible devices. The Sony Bravia R550 series is also available in passive 3D, if you're interesting in experiencing the very latest TV viewing technologies.
  • Sony Bravia R520 series. The R520 series is a slightly more affordable alternative to the high-end R550 series, offering comparable functionality with similar features. These TVs are an excellent compromise if you're looking to save a little money on a good LED television, yet demand full WiFi connectivity from a state of the art smart television. The Sony Bravia R520 series offers a generously sized 60 inch screen, and like all of Sony's contemporary televisions, it is built from high-end materials that create a lightweight, slim and easy-to-mount package.
  • Sony Bravia R450 & R400. These entry-level models offer full HD, made crisp and clear by the company's patented MotionFlow technology. If you want Sony quality for an affordable price, the R400 and R450 models are a great place to start looking. Don't let the price tag fool you; these televisions are replete with high-end features, such as smartphone interfacing, 1080p high-definition picture, and three high-definition input ports. The Sony Bravia R400 and R450 are available in a range of sizes, including 40 inch and 45 inch screens.

In the television market, Sony's claim to fame is the quality of its picture. Though the actual screen resolution is the same as many comparable models made by other companies, Sony's MotionFlow technology gives its products enhanced value and makes its TVs well worth the slight extra investment. As you research, you will find that Sony televisions are not typically the cheapest options on the market, but the company's reputation for reliability and strong performance justify the price; with a Sony television, you get what you pay for: quality.