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LG occupies a unique place in the television market, as the company has positioned itself as a value brand which competes with premium brands like Samsung, Sony and Sharp. LG televisions offer fairly comprehensive features and solid technical specifications at prices which are more affordable than its direct competitors. While LG televisions are not known for premium performance, they are solid and they offer the casual TV viewer everything they need for a relatively low price.

LG's Most Popular Televisions

The best-selling TVs in the LG lineup include:

  • LG LA8600 series. The LA8600 series is one of the company's high-end televisions, but was created specifically to appeal to the mass market. Offering full 1080p HD in both 2D and 3D models, the LA8600 series offers a more affordable alternative to consumers on a budget who still want excellent performance.
  • LG GA7900 & GA6400 series. Available in five sizes ranging from 42 to 60 inches, the GA7900 series and the GA6400 series both offer an ideal balance of performance and price. These models are among the company's best-selling televisions, as they are priced affordably yet still offer solid functionality, a quality picture, and reliable performance.
  • LG LN5400 & LN5300 series. These are smaller alternatives to the GA7900 and GA6400 series; otherwise, they are essentially identical. If you're looking for a compact television at a low price, these product lines will have strong appeal.

LG Plasma TVs

LG has created a complete lineup of plasma TVs, beginning in the budget range with 720p televisions and working their way up to 3D plasma TVs with full HD resolution. You can identify LG's plasma TVs by the P which precedes the series/model name; popular models include the PA, PN, PM and PH series.

Most reviews of LG plasma TVs note that the low price and solid performance create a strong value proposition. The company isn't known for offering premium products, but instead has concentrated on offering a quality television for a low price. If you want all the benefits of a brand-name TV without the hefty price tag, LG may be the manufacturer for you.