Tips For Hiding Cables

Hints and tricks for hiding audio cables and speaker wire

Unless you've opted for wireless components, you're going to need a strategy for hiding audio cables, hiding speaker wire and any other connections you've made. Reducing clutter is absolutely necessary in your media room, where an accidental trip could bring your expensive and sensitive electronic equipment crashing down to the floor. Fortunately, there are numerous products you can get for hiding speaker cables, and they're both affordable and easy to install.

Strategies for Hiding Audio Cables

Cable raceways are one of the most effective products you can get if you want to hide your home theater cables. As the name suggests, cable raceways are straight, narrow structures which you can use to bundle your cables together. While they don't exactly hide your cables from view, they do amalgamate all your cables in one place, provide a clean, neat look, and greatly reduce tripping hazards.

Cable tacks can also help you keep your cables out of the way. Typically designed to affix cables to walls and ceilings, cable tacks don't exactly "hide" cables either, but like cable raceways, they do help you keep things need and organized. Best of all, they're very inexpensive and easy to use.

One final strategy you'll want to consider is simply to hide your system cables underneath carpets or rugs, if possible. This is not only one of the most effective ways to hide cables, but it's also one of the easiest and cheapest, provided you can access the underside of your carpet. If you're feeling handy, you can also pull up existing carpeting to run the cables from your media equipment to their respective electrical outlet. All you need is to lift the carpet and run your cables through a loop of fish tape where they enter and exit your carpeting. It's a fairly easy fix that will keep your cables out of the way for good.

If cables continue to be a problem for you, think about opting for wireless components when the time comes to replace your equipment. While some purists believe that some types of wireless equipment, particularly wireless speakers, aren't as good as wired versions, they are very convenient and completely eliminate the problems associated with wayward, cluttered cables littering your media station.

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