Is Blu-ray Dying?

Should you invest in a Blu-ray recorder, or wait for "the next big thing?"

Blu-ray players came along a few years ago, and were hailed as the next step in optical disc technology. While industry pundits initially anointed Blu-ray as the technology which was going to make DVDs obsolete, DVDs have managed to maintain their popularity while Blu-ray hasn't quite taken off the way it was initially expected to. Also, the advent of streaming media has further hindered Blu-ray's development, and now some experts are saying that Blu-ray recorders and players will soon be obsolete…but are they right?

Will Blu-ray Home Theater Systems Maintain Their Popularity?

Right now, Blu-ray home theater systems are still relatively common, and optical disc media storage technologies have not yet fallen by the wayside. However, attempts to invigorate the optical disc industry with new technologies like 3D Blu-ray players have not proven to be as popular as the developers of these products initially anticipated.

For companies circulating in the optical disc market, the news gets worse. Because of major data network improvements, faster computer processors, cloud computing, and increases in the amount of storage space available on the typical computer, the future of optical discs is in serious doubt. Even with today's technologies, there is a dwindling need to maintain physical copies of movies, TV shows and other media. Also, services like Hulu+, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video allow users to access content on demand, further diminishing the need to purchase and maintain large collections of disc-based media.

However, it is a little early to pronounce Blu-ray players and DVD players dead. These technologies still maintain high levels of popularity, and likely will for the foreseeable future. While technological advancements will, in all likelihood, eventually render them obsolete, Blu-ray recorders and players are still in widespread use, and many people still enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that comes with collecting their favorite movies and TV shows on disc. If you're looking for a definitive answer to the question of whether or not Blu-ray is dying, the answer is, "Not just yet, but it well might in the years to come." For now, though, you can safely invest in a Blu-ray player without worrying that you'll have wasted your money.

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