Comparing Satellite Providers

How to get the best deal on satellite TV service

There is considerable debate within the television industry as to whether satellite or cable is a better option, and the jury is out. Basically, it comes down to your preference. Both cable and satellite have advantages and disadvantages, and if your research has led you to choose satellite over cable, your next step will be comparing satellite providers.

In the United States, DirecTV and DISH Network are the two largest providers of satellite television. However, both companies have additional, albeit smaller, competitors. Carefully consider all your available options to get the best possible deal.

Satellite Providers: Points of Comparison

Here are the major factors you need to consider when comparing satellite providers:

  • Programming. DirecTV and DISH network package comparisons show that DISH offers more channels on the whole, but the two companies have very competitive offerings when it comes to local channels, digital channels and premium packages. The DirecTV programming schedule does include the NFL Sunday Ticket package, so if you're a sports fan looking for extra value, that is something to keep in mind.
  • Prices and fees. DISH also offers its customers more options to customize their satellite TV packages, making it easier for them to get only the channels they want and avoid paying for the channels they don't want. However, this comes with a bit of a trade-off, as DirecTV is generally considered to be slightly more reliable in terms of its broadcast, though this is an issue that rarely comes up.
  • Availability of additional services. Both companies charge extra for DVR services and signal feeds to extra televisions within the household. Smaller competitors may waive such fees, so it's important to go digging for information before making your final decision.

You should also carefully consider additional sources of information, such as online consumer reviews. One of the best ways to get a sense of how happy people are with a certain company is to see what current or recent customers are saying about them. Would they recommend the satellite company to a friend? Are they or were they happy with their service? These are the key questions you should focus on in your research.

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