Profile: Comcast Cable TV

An overview of Comcast services

Comcast is the largest provider of digital cable television broadcasting services in the United States, with an enormous service area covering most of the country. In addition to hundreds of digital cable Comcast channels, the company also provides high-speed Internet service, telecommunications services, and home security systems. Comcast services are available individually, or in bundles, with the exception of home security services. Customers are able to get cable television, Internet and a home phone for one low price, or simply select a single service.

Comcast Cable TV Packages

If you're interested only in Comcast cable television, the company offers standalone digital cable service in three basic tiers:

  • Digital Economy. This basic cable deal gives you access to approximately 45 channels for a very affordable monthly rate.
  • Digital Starter. The starter package upgrades you to a total of about 80 channels, and includes access to Comcast Xfinity on-demand programming.
  • Digital Preferred. This option gives you access to over 160 channels, as well as Comcast's Xfinity on demand library.

You may be required to sign a Comcast contract agreeing to retain the company's services for a fixed period of time (typically one year or more), depending on which services you want to access. Contracts are not usually required on standalone digital TV service, but may be required if you bundle multiple services together. You can save money by bundling services together, enjoying an affordable price on all your household telecommunications needs.

Is Comcast Available in My Area?

Currently, Comcast is available in all states as well as the District of Columbia, with the following exceptions which are currently not part of the Comcast cable service area:

  • Iowa
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • South Dakota
  • Wyoming

You should also bear in mind that not all programming is available in all areas. If you have questions about specific channels and you're not sure whether or not you can get them where you live, contact Comcast directly. Also, remember that terms and conditions of Comcast services are subject to change without notice. The aforementioned cable TV packages may or may not be available in your area.

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