Comparing Cable Providers

Tips for comparing cable TV companies

If you've done your research and decided that cable is right for you, the next step is to choose a cable television service provider. The big players in the United States cable TV landscape include Time Warner cable television, Comcast cable television and Bright House Networks cable. There are other niche providers which may offer relatively affordable and customizable channel bundles and cable packages, but most consumers prefer these three because their well-developed infrastructure networks tend to result in superior service.

How to Compare Cable TV Providers

Price is the first comparison point most consumers use, and for good reason. It should play a major role in your decision, but at the same time, you also need to consider what you're getting for your money, not just the bottom line. Here are X other important points of comparison to look into:

  • Bundling. Channel bundles are standard in today's cable TV billing landscape. Look at what you get in each bundle for the price you're being asked to pay, and compare bundle packages directly against one another.
  • Service agreements. As a consumer, you're always safer to avoid companies that require minimum time commitments. While most cable TV providers don't ask customers to commit to service periods, some do -- particularly the smaller ones.
  • Reputation. Do some online research to see what customers are saying about each respective company you're considering. Check out consumer review websites -- they're an excellent source of information.
  • Platform availability. If you like to watch Time Warner cable online, that company will have an obvious edge over a provider which doesn't support digital video streaming to various electronic devices. If you want to be able to access cable TV content from your smartphone, tablet or computer, make sure the provider you're considering offers this service.
  • TV on demand. Larger companies tend to have better "on demand" offerings than smaller providers. With services like Comcast Xfinity TV, you can even add "on demand" services to your cable bundle for an affordable flat rate.

If you have any questions about prices and/or services, make sure you get them answered before committing to a cable TV agreement.

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